Week 3 Free Agent/Waiver Wire Pickups (Tue 9/21/10)

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Week 2 was a bit kinder (if not gentler) than Week 1 in terms of injuries that could have a lasting impact on your fantasy team (although Reggie Bush owners will surely disagree).  There were a number of fantasy mainstays who turned in disappointing results (e.g. - Chris Johnson, Brett Favre), and a number of players who suffered injuries that shouldn’t cause them to miss much, if any, time (e.g. - Michael Turner, Ryan Mathews, Chad Ochocinco, Andre Johnson, Percy Harvin, Jason Witten).  Of course you’ll keep players in both these categories on your roster.  However, Week 2 also saw a number of quarterbacks who were benched.  Some will likely regain their jobs quickly (e.g. - David Garrard, Jason Campbell), but some will not (e.g. - Trent Edwards, Matt Moore, Derek Anderson).

Who are the players who may be on your league’s waiver wire with the potential to make a difference for your fantasy team?


The Jason Campbell and David Garrard benchings were the biggest surprises, especially Campbell’s.  Tom Cable waited half a season before benching JaMarcus Russell, yet feels the need to pull Campbell after just 1 1/2 games - I don’t get it.  Unless you’re supremely confident that this change is permanent (hint:  I’m not), don’t bother adding Bruce Gradkowski to your roster.  Garrard returned at the end of the Jags’ blowout loss to the Chargers after his backup Josh McCown suffered an injury.  Garrard will almost certainly be the starter for Week 3.

Matt Moore was ineffective the week after suffering a “mild concussion” and was pulled in favor of rookie Jimmy Clausen.  Regardless of what you think of Clausen’s sometimes abrasive personality, he’s worth a speculative pickup.  Trent Edwards has been replaced yet again in Buffalo by the equally unexciting Ryan Fitzpatrick - Fitzpatrick is worth a pickup only if you’re in a league of 12 teams or more with two starting quarterbacks. 

Derek Anderson was benched in favor of Max Hall - hopefully, you don’t have Anderson anywhere near your fantasy roster, but on the off chance you do, Hall definitely offers more fantasy potential for those who can afford to be patient.  Finally, Dennis Dixon has likely started his last game for the Steelers this season after suffering a knee injury Sunday.  It’s not clear whether he’ll be replaced by Charlie Batch or roster yo-yo Byron Leftwich, but it is clear that you don’t want to pick either up (much less start them) unless you absolutely have no other options.

Here’s how I rank the options who may be available in your league:  Josh Freeman > Alex Smith > Mark Sanchez > Jimmy Clausen > Max Hall > Ryan Fitzgerald > Seneca Wallace > whichever QB Pittsburgh starts.

Running Back

Reggie Bush is the most notable loss.  Jerious Norwood always seems like he’s on the verge of getting a great opportunity, and then he gets hurt - cut him in the unlikely event he was already on your roster.  Hopefully, you weren’t counting heavily on Kevin Faulk - either way, cut him if he’s on your roster and speculate on someone else.

Marshawn Lynch is the most appealing option who may be availabe - if he isn’t, New England’s Ben-Jarvus Green Ellis is also a worthy speculative add.  If neither of them are available, then speculate on a backup with a high ceiling such as Rashad Jennings, Javon Ringer, Bernard Scott, or even Keiland Williams.

Wide Receivers

Nate Burleson reportedly has a high ankle sprain - whether or not that turns out to be the case, you’re better off speculating on another receiver with a higher ceiling.  Hold on to Braylon Edwards if he’s on your roster, but expect him to be suspended for at least a game of two after his DUI arrest this morning.  If you’re looking for an upgrade, consider Demaryius Thomas, Josh Cribbs, Darrius Heyward-Bey (especially if Gradkowski starts over Campbell), and Jordan Shipley.

Tight Ends

Week 1 wonder Evan Moore suffered a concussion - there are undoubtedly healthier options available.  See if Brandon Pettigrew, Tony Moeaki, or Anthony Fasano are available in your league.  Add Martellus Bennett to the list if Jason Witten is forced to miss Sunday’s game due to his concussion.

Final Thoughts

  • Brandon Jacobs, it’s a bad day when your helmet gains 20 more yards than you do.
  • Mark Sanchez, I didn’t know you had it in you.
  • Braylon Edwards, thanks to your stupidity, we all now know you had it in you.  Of course, since you’re involved, the charges will undoubtedly be dropped.

Have a great week!

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